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Barrett Sports Media is the premier online destination for sports radio industry professionals, aspiring broadcasters, and sports media content consumers. Established in 2015, BSM has become the sports format’s go to source for news, analysis, opinion, strategy, and storytelling, thanks in part to a dedicated team of experienced writers, annual conferences, podcasts, and longstanding relationships.

Presently we feature 6 columnists, 3 daily news writers, and exclusive content from BSM President Jason Barrett. The contributions of our team have helped us generate more than 3 million views of our website content. BSM’s social presence includes a dedicated following of 7,000+ sports media industry fans and professionals on both Twitter and Linkedin, and nearly two thousand on Facebook. Furthermore, the BSM Podcast has been downloaded more than 60,000 times since its inception.

Brands which stand to benefit most from partnership associations with BSM are dedicated to reaching and providing value for the sports media professional. Our content is niche and targeted to a select audience, which is why it isn’t always the right fit for a brand. We are also selective of who we join forces with. If there isn’t a benefit to our readers, listeners, and social media followers, then it’s not the right fit for us.

To strengthen your business, awareness, and relationships, we provide a variety of cost effective ways to help you accomplish your goals. We offer traditional banner placement on the BSM website, BSM Podcast inclusion, social media sponsorships, branded audio and written content, feature series title sponsor associations, and corporate partnerships as part of our annual BSM Summit.

To help us further understand your objectives and connect you to the right opportunity, please contact Jason Barrett at (845) 845-4558 or by email at


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